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The Dairy Industry - Evil, Sadistic, & Murderers

Dairy is, in my opinion, the most dangerous food in the world.

I honestly and whole heartily believe the dairy industry should be shut down for good, for they chose profit over lives. They are killing the masses, slowly but surely. I can just picture how disgusting it must be to look at the men and women who work for this industry, they must be having a blast getting cows to pump their green dollar bills...smiling their way to the bank. Not a care in the world. I shake my head every time I see a small child drinking a bottle or carton of cow's milk. It just deeply saddens me when family members are not informed or educated on this serious matter. Marketing cow's milk is not only wrong, but it logically doesn't make sense.

Americans must wake up to this epidemic and try to inform as many people about it. We need to have others be aware, especially our closest friends and loved ones!
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