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I dont know if you all are antieggs as well, but here's a thought I had about Burger King:

Ok, I'm getting pretty angry at Burger King. I dont know if its the people that work there (No offense to you Monica, and its not like you work there a lot anyway) or what, but EVERY FUCKING TIME I get a veggie burger, it has fucking Mayo on it! And Every fucking time I go get fast food, where do I go? 90% of the time its Burger King.

Now, as many burgers that they've wasted for me, could have fed quite a few people. I cant stand being so wasteful anymore. I am no longer going back in there so they can go through another 5 veggie burgers before they get one without mayo for me. That is too much food to be wasting. From now on, I'm going to scrape it off.

But, what I'm going to do instead of that is walk back in there and get my money back. I mean really, this is getting out of hand! Supposidly, when you press the "no mayo" button, it doesnt show up on the screen. They need to go and get it fixed!

Oh, and by the way, I feel like vomiting. Thank you.
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