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Hey everyone, I'm 16 and for as long as I can remember drink 2-4 glasses of cows milk a day. I've been reading up on dairy and it all disgusts me and I would like nothing more than to cut back severely, but I crave milk. I detest soy milk and rice milk doesn't have enough protein (I'm a vegetarian). So my question is; what else can I substitute it with? Is goat's milk just as bad?

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mmm are you SURE you dislike soymilk?? plain "Silk" is the best tasting thing ive ever had (i gotta shake it insanely first though cause its nasty other wise...)

i havent heard about goat's milk actually, but im sure there're some sites that can answer your question better than I.

good luck! peace<3

(i love your icon, by the way)
Soymilk is just WAY too sweet for me. I like chocolate soymilk, but vanilla is just gross to me.
1.) The protein thing is a myth. If you eat anywhere near a good vegan diet, you'll get enough protein.

2.) Goat's milk is probably 'healthier' for your than cow's milk (this is my educated guess, at least), but it is still fluid that comes from the underside of an animal.

3.) There are several types of alternative "milks." Try almond milk, for example. My wife and I have been using plain Rice Dream for a very long time and enjoy it. I would say steer clear of Silk since its parent company is a dairy producer.

4.) A visit to should answer any other questions you have.
About the addiction thing... you most likely ARE addicted, to casomorphin, that is.
Ick, that's digusting. Thanks so much for the link.
I enjoy fat-free Soy milk - not as sugary.
I used to really hate soymilk when I first became a vegan, but you just need to experiment with different kinds. I think soymilk blended with strawberries is delicious!
Some folks I know who detest soy milk do like almond milk. Also, vaccuum packed soy milk is disgusting, so just avoid it. Plain (not vanilla) Wildwood soy milk is not as sweet as other brands, so that might be a good bet too.
I could tell you a lot about goats milk, but you didn't say exactly what it is about cows milk that "disgusts" you, or if goats milk is "just as bad"

If you have specific questions, maybe I can answer tham for you.

The light soymilk or organic unsweetened is usually pretty good.