Kaliraven (kaliraven) wrote in antimilk,

Dairy Substitutes

Hi, all.

I've just joined this community, and I have a question about milk substitutes--soy, rice, almond milk ect.

Here's the deal--I love milk. I really love the taste of milk, cheese, ice cream all of it.

BUT I have some health problems. My digestive system, apparently, hates me. And I've seen doctors for years and been told, there's nothing I could do.

Then I read a study that suggests that I could have a dairy allergy and that a lot of patients with the same problems I have got better when the cut out dairy.

So...I figure I'd give it a shot. If it works, great, if not, well, I tried.

Which brings me to my question--are there any dairy substitutes that taste like milk? It'll drive me nuts not to be able to sit down with a glass of milk and some cookies or something. :(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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